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The 20th century has seen a remarkable change in the structure of the global economy away from the basic industries and towards activities characterized by the intensive use of human capital, including advanced manufacture, the creative development of new products, and major new services. Today the fields of information and communications technology are in full swing, and will probably remain so for decades to come. Powerful world economic forces inescapably tie our local economy more fully into the world economy. A decade ago we had fallen well behind many other countries of Western Europe in the provision of higher education. Even, now after participation rates by young people have doubled, our levels of participation remain well behind the neighboring countries and states like United States and Japan.

Pakistan, in seeking to provide its people with a high and improving standard of living, will be able to do so only if its people are highly educated and well trained. It must match proportionately the investments made in their people by other nations, and the volume and the quality of their outputs form such education and training. Keeping such demands in view, Virtual University (VU) has combined strength of management studies with computer sciences. We a associated institution of VU have an earnest desire to maintain this centre of excellence as beacon of hope and inspiration for the young scholars of tomorrow.

May Allah be with us all.

Muhmmad Sadiq Khokhar
Chief Executive Officer